The following are poems that I have written on either philosophical themes or ones that are related to the ancient world in some way.

An Epigram for Daphne, Loved by Apollo

In the Vale of Tempe, ancient voices sang
For a Laurel wreath on a sacred plain.
They praised the noble in the natural,
Where even wild nature once became the same.

Did the god, at last, win her over then?
I doubt the noble sun will forget her name.


Epigram on a luxurious ivy plant

-To Aristotle the Stagirite

With delicate leaves full of green sunlight,

An ivy plant grows and flows in warm delight.

In a window, facing the morning sun,

It unfurls its moistened leaves all one by one,

Holding the moisture of now departed night,

In which is drawn a brighter inflected light.

And thus does sensuous nature grow:

Growing as nature’s pleasure shows.

Lakeside Pondering

Whither this sport-utility realism,

This preparing-to-be-there,

Amid reticence and lassitude,

Against a child’s fortitude?

Is this not sheer resolution?

And where do these preparations end?

However duty-bound they be,

Does this road lead

Where they might be free?


Behold these delights:

A fox running in the snow

And geese taking flight,

Some snapping as they go.

Yes, and would the dog really like

To chase them on the lake,

Just as the wind appears to do,

Sweeping up and creating a swell?

Ah, and the wind imparts a thrill,

So fresh as it enlivens anew,

We breathe, and then let go.





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